About Us

US and International Payments

incheck is the premier incentive and payment processing company, supporting a wide range of industries. We provide payments through checks and electronic fund transfers (EFT) in US, and numerous foreign currencies. We operate using safe-harbor certification guidelines as established the European Union and The US Department of Commerce. In addition to check issuing and electronic bank transfers, we offer gift card processing, sweepstakes management and other fulfillment services.

To better serve our clients’ needs we offer IRS Form 1099 Income Reporting preparation and electronic filing services.

incheck‘s abandoned property reporting services include meeting your due diligence requirements as mandated by the states and information reporting in all 50 states.

Billing Options: incheck will invoice your company, your client or third party directly.

Payment Options: Payments can be made by check, wire transfer or ACH transaction.

Reliable Secure Incentive Payment Fulfillment

incheck employs state-of-the-art check security technology. Elements include a colored background, microprint border, coin rub watermark, and thermo-chromic ink images that disappear when rubbed. Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) technology aids bank processing and reduces errors. incheck also utilizes the Positive Pay protocol to combat check fraud – we furnish the bank with details on the checks we issue and they pay out only on perfect matches.

incheck maintains secure systems and data bases. Your information is only used for the services intended. For personal information gathered by incheck within the European Union we maintain Safe-Harbor certification practices.

Prompt Customer Service

incheck maintains a responsive live customer support desk.

Cost Effective and Time Efficient:

If your company is currently outsourcing or processing payments in-house, incheck can cut your costs while maintaining your present high standards. Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to process any volume of payments – no quantity is too small or too large.

If your company is looking to expedite and simplify the way you process and manage payments, incheck is your solution. For 16 years incheck has been nurturing lasting client relationships through reliable, secure payment transactions. Let incheck be your partner now! It is the worry-free way to manage payments.