Check Issuing & Reporting

check-issuingincheck is an innovative company that specializes in processing payments in US and foreign currencies. As you know, processing payments by check or electronic bank transfer can be time-consuming and expensive. Because we specialize in payment processing, incheck will perform this important final step for you with greater efficiency and at a lower cost. Our experienced management team would like to free you from the responsibility of the routine but very necessary task of processing incentive payments. This allows you more time to do what you do best, manage your business, while letting us do what we do best, incentive fulfillment and payment processing.

You can get access to payment detail, and transaction history, including cashed and returned checks instantly.   Call to discuss our various options to fit your specific needs.

incheck delivers payments using the pressure-seal tri-fold self-mailer style of check stock that individuals most closely associate with checks and official documents. Our experience shows that this type of check more consistently grabs the attention of recipients, resulting in fewer discarded envelopes and subsequent complaint calls. Moreover, the attached stub provides and excellent vehicle for delivering a customized marketing message.

Customized Formatting

Our payments provide value in and of themselves, exceeding the quality and security that most firms can produce in-house and outstripping the level of customization that most large-scale check printers can offer.

When your beneficiary pulls your incheck incentive or payment out of the mailbox, they will see your company name and if different recipients are familiar with a different name simply indicate the name and we will display the name accordingly. Your company logo can also be added to the return address.

Speed of delivery is of the essence. we turn-around most jobs within 24 to 48 hours. We are centrally located within the US which facilitates quick postal delivery.

Advanced Security Features

incheck employs state-of-the-art check security technology to ward off counterfeiters. Elements include a colored background, microprint border, coin rub watermark, and thermo-chromic ink images that disappear when rubbed. Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) technology aids bank processing and reduces errors. incheck also utilizes the Positive Pay protocol to combat check fraud – we furnish the bank with details on the checks we issue and they pay out only on perfect matches.

incheck’s internal procedures guard against multiple checks issued to participants. We maintain electronic images of all cleared checks so that if you receive an incorrect claim of non-payment we can quickly deliver visual proof that a check was cashed.

Customized Stub Messaging

With incheck you can use the check stub to deliver a compelling marketing message. Think of payment fulfillment not as the conclusion to the relationship with a beneficiary, but rather an opportunity to kick off a new activity.

Call or email incheck and we will send you a sample check and PDF for your review.

For more information please contact us or call us at (303) 296-9593