Check Issuing & Reporting

US Dollars and Local International Foreign Currencies

incheck is an innovative company that specializes in processing payments.

incheck will perform this important final step to your market research with greater efficiency and at a lower cost.

Gift Card & E-Code Processing

incheck Makes Your Gift Card Distribution Easy

As technology advances, more and more retailers are utilizing gift cards and e-codes.

incheck can distribute gift cards or e-codes by email or regular first-class mail.

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT)

Over 60 Countries, Virtually Any Currency

incheck can process electronic bank payments (EFT) in virtually any currency and send payments to any destination in over 60 countries.

EFT payments can be transferred quickly and easily to your payees.

Sweepstakes Management

incheck independently manages sweepstakes within the United States.

incheck will draft rules specific to your sweepstakes, comply with rules as they relate to the drawing, independently select winners, maintain necessary records, notify winners, and send affidavits of eligibility and IRS form W-9 (IRS Request for Taxpayer ID), distribute prizes to winners and file IRS form 1099 if necessary.

1099 Preparation & Electronic Filing

To eliminate your need to purchase software programs or to deal with IRS inquiries incheck can prepare, mail and electronically file IRS form 1099, income reporting for you.

We stay apprised of all changes in IRS regulations and filing requirements.

Abandoned Property Reporting

incheck offers abandoned property reporting and filing in all 50 states.

Each state has unique requirements with regards to abandoned property reporting.

For more information please contact us or call us at (303) 296-9593